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▷ summer rantings

Well I admit I may have been stalking Kmip’s blog for the past three hours (hey, people get nostalgic, okay?) and I’ve been reading her summer from before her senior year and holy shit now it’s my turn to go through the exact same motions.

Namely, college

As I type this, I avoid a poorly written essay about debate (I gave up on writing a debate case, you can’t do it in 200-250 words). I avoid summer reading, I avoid studying for SAT math 2, I avoid reading the other books I’ve hoarded in my room all summer and now I’m accruing large library fines but yolo, I avoid sleeping, and I avoid the fact that school is starting in two fucking weeks and link crew camp is in four days which means interacting with people and wearing suitable clothing which means I can’t wear my baconstrips& shirt or chuck shirt every single day

oh I went off on a tangent

Anyways, college college college, going on that East Coast tour made me way too full of myself. When info session leaders listed off the things they want I checked them off—done, done, done! I’m all set. I have all the qualifications for Harvard! But now I’ve spent the past week not having a job, not looking for an internship this school year, not changing the world….. I need to change up my writing style I’m doing too many parallel sentence structures and it is annoying.

And debate oh my god no please do tournaments actually start in 2 months fuck I need a script and an oratory topic and I should just talk about the world-changing powers of Harry Potter or something.

I hate it when the months start to rhyme with “ember.” The more syllables, the more stress.

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